Homer Walke

Hello! I'm a PhD student at UC Berkeley where I'm advised by Professor Sergey Levine. I'm interested in building generally intelligent embodied agents. Previously, I graduated from Brown University where I worked with Professor Michael Littman and Professor Daniel Ritchie.

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Octo: An Open-Source Generalist Robot Policy
Dibya Ghosh*, Homer Walke*, Karl Pertsch*, Kevin Black*, Oier Mees*, Sudeep Dasari, Joey Hejna, Charles Xu, Jianlan Luo, Tobias Kreiman, You Liang Tan, Dorsa Sadigh, Chelsea Finn, Sergey Levine
RSS 2024 | website

DROID: A Large-Scale In-The-Wild Robot Manipulation Dataset
Alexander Khazatsky, Karl Pertsch, et al.
RSS 2024 | website

Evaluating Real-World Robot Manipulation Policies in Simulation
Xuanlin Li, Kyle Hsu, Jiayuan Gu, Karl Pertsch, Oier Mees, Homer Rich Walke, Chuyuan Fu, Ishikaa Lunawat, Isabel Sieh, Sean Kirmani, Sergey Levine, Jiajun Wu, Chelsea Finn, Hao Su, Quan Vuong, Ted Xiao
Preprint | website

Zero-Shot Robotic Manipulation with Pretrained Image-Editing Diffusion Models
Kevin Black, Mitsuhiko Nakamoto, Pranav Atreya, Homer Walke, Chelsea Finn, Aviral Kumar, Sergey Levine
ICLR 2024 | website

Open X-Embodiment: Robotic Learning Datasets and RT-X Models
Open X-Embodiment Collaboration
ICRA 2024 Best Paper | website

BridgeData V2: A Dataset for Robot Learning at Scale
Homer Walke, Kevin Black, Abraham Lee, Moo Jin Kim, Max Du, Chongyi Zheng, Tony Zhao, Philippe Hansen-Estruch, Quan Vuong, Andre He, Vivek Myers, Kuan Fang, Chelsea Finn, Sergey Levine
CoRL 2023 | website

Goal Representations for Instruction Following: A Semi-Supervised Language Interface to Control
Vivek Myers, Andre He, Kuan Fang, Homer Walke, Phillipe Hansen-Estruch, Ching-An Cheng, Mihai Jalobeanu, Andrey Kolobov, Anca Dragan, Sergey Levine
CoRL 2023 | website

Stabilizing Contrastive RL: Techniques for Offline Goal Reaching
Chongyi Zheng, Benjamin Eysenbach, Homer Walke, Patrick Yin, Kuan Fang, Ruslan Salakhutdinov, Sergey Levine
ICLR 2024 Spotlight | website

Generalization with Lossy Affordances: Leveraging Broad Offline Data for Learning Visuomotor Tasks
Kuan Fang, Patrick Yin, Ashvin Nair, Homer Walke, Gengchen Yan, Sergey Levine
CoRL 2022 Oral | website

Don't Start From Scratch: Leveraging Prior Data to Automate Robotic Reinforcement Learning
Homer Walke, Jonathan Yang, Albert Yu, Aviral Kumar, Jedrzej Orbik, Avi Singh, Sergey Levine
CoRL 2022 | website

PLAD: Learning to Infer Shape Programs with Pseudo-Labels and Approximate Distributions
R. Kenny Jones, Homer Walke, Daniel Ritchie
CVPR 2022 | website

Learning Finite Linear Temporal Logic Specifications with a Specialized Neural Operator
Homer Walke, Daniel Ritter, Carl Trimbach, Michael Littman
Undergraduate Honors Thesis